WATCH: Bob Dylan Sends David Letterman Off with “The Night We Called It a Day,” His First (and Ultimately Last) Visit to the Show in Decades

Also, Dave reveals his "two things to know in the world."

It’s gettin’ to be that time of the hour for David Letterman, monkey-cam trailblazer, down to one final show tonight before he retires and steps out of the way for new Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

His send-off has been a star-studded spectacular so far, particularly within the music category, where the hand-picked performances have included a riveting new tune from Future Islands and a sentimental special from the ballad-master himself, Tom Waits, and will allegedly be wrapped up tonight by Foo Fighters (better be good, guys…).

His second-t0-last show yesterday was naturally formidable, with Bill Murray popping (or rolling, really) out of a gigantic cake to the tune of “Chest Fever,” setting the stage for a more somber and surreal moment when Bob Dylan (a man Murray knows a thing or two about) was introduced via Dave’s two things for his son Harry to know:

– One, you have to be nice to other people.
– Two, the greatest songwriter of modern times is Bob Dylan.

Guess maybe it’s just Top Two Lists in the Letterman household from now on?

Below, check out Dylan’s deleted-scene-from-Magnolia-style cover of “The Night We Called It a Day.”

(via Pitchfork)


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