Richard Linklater Confirms Details About “Dazed and Confused” Sequel

All right, all right, all right.

There’s no doubting that Richard Linklater is a master when it comes to capturing the essence of growing up. Whether it’s in his critically acclaimed Before series or his undeniably brilliant 2014 film Boyhood, the Academy Award–nominated writer-director portrays his characters with complexity and grace in each of their coming-of-age stories.

In 1993, Linklater took us to the suburbs outside of Austin, Texas, to drop in on the changing student body of Lee High School on May 28, 1976—the last day of school—in Dazed and Confused. While not a commercial success immediately, the film became a cult phenomenon and a launching platform for excellent speech-maker Matthew McConaughey. Now, twenty-two years later, Linklater is working on the “spiritual sequel” to Dazed and Confused currently titled Everybody Wants Some.

The upcoming movie takes a stab at heading off to college in the 1980s, or more specifically (according to the film’s basic plot synopsis), the “last weekend of freedom before college starts.” In a WTF Podcast interview with Marc Maron, Linklater gave away a bit more about the film through the soundtrack, which is said to include Devo, Blondie, and more:

You show up at college and you’re listening to Van Halen, but you go to discos to chase women, but then you end up at a punk club or a country bar because Urban Cowboy was big at that time. All that stuff was on the table, so it’s an interesting cultural moment because they go to an art party and they’re listening to the Talking Heads, so it’s a cultural moment where I’m like, ‘Who am I?’ Am I punk? Am I new wave? Am I heavy metal?

Everybody Wants Some doesn’t have a set release date yet, but it’s scheduled to come out at some point later this year.

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