WATCH: Eight Different Lives Become One in Set of Trailers for New Netflix Series “Sense8”

The newest project from "The Matrix" creators will be available to stream June 5

This Friday, Netflix will release the first season of Sense8, a new sci-fi thriller that the streaming platform calls “a gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted.”

The new series—created by The Matrix and V for Vendetta masterminds Lana and Andy Wachowski—follows the lives of eight separate individuals across the globe who become suddenly and inextricably linked together.

In the series’s initial trailer, Sayid from Lost identifies the rainbow coalition as “sensates,” informing them, “You are no longer just you. You have seven other selves, now. You can access each other’s knowledge, language, skills.” Yep, definitely sounds like something that came from the colorful minds that brought us the red pill/blue pill dilemma.

Last week, Netflix released eight different trailers that each focus on an individual “sensate.” Briefly get to know the characters below, and brace yourself for what is sure to be a show comprised almost exclusively of WTF moments. 









The entire first season of Sense8 will be available on Netflix starting on June 5.

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