Michael Myers to Unleash Slasher Horror Upon a New Generation in Upcoming “Halloween” Reboot

The new installment will be penned by two Saw writers

The many, many sequels within the Halloween film franchise could never quite live up to the excellence of  John Carpenters‘ phenomenal original 1978 film. Maybe it was partially because no one could make the name Michael Myers scary after Wayne’s World, or the fact that the series’s cold-blooded killer is actually wearing a Captain Kirk mask.

Today, it was announced that Halloween might receive the breath of fresh air it needs with a brand-new upcoming installment titled Halloween Returns which, as reported by Moviehole, will be a “standalone film” in which “a new generation of victims” is hunted by the mute murderer. The film reportedly begins with Myers escaping death row following a botched execution and hunting the children of his former victims who came to watch him die. Seems logical enough.

The Hollywood Reporter announced earlier this year that screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (both of the Saw series) were penning the next Halloween film, and that sources are calling it more of a “recalibration” than a reboot.

No word yet on cast or directors, but lets just say we hope Rob Zombie stays out of it this time. Watch the original film’s trailer below.

(via Consequence of Sound)


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