Lucasfilm Wants All of Your Mind for Upcoming “Star Wars” Virtual Reality Experience

First step is finding a way to make the VR helmets not look dorky as hell, guys.

Industrial Light & Magic was created by George Lucas in 1975 to tackle the earth-shaking special effects needed for A New Hope, and, as you can imagine, the operation has been a successful enterprise ever since. Now, along with its parent company Lucasfilm, ILM has announced that they will be taking the Star Wars universe into the realm of virtual reality—a potentially world-saving or world-destroying technology.

It’s not totally clear what form the project will take, but the Exploratorium-sounding “ILM Experience Lab” is hard at work on some sort of release that will be available for iPad and Oculus Rift-based systems (the latter technology will be ready to ship out to consumers soon). Judging by the project’s introductory YouTube video, though, it looks like young Padawans will soon be able to meet and interact with CGI dinosaurs. Presumably without any of the usual troubles.

If the droids don’t take over by then, ILMxLab’s debut experience should be out this December.

(via Paste)


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