Apple Music’s Radio Station “Beats 1” Is a Game Changer

Apple Music: Not that boring after all

In the end to what has become the longest pause before the brand’s patented “One more thing…” product announcement trick, Apple today revealed a very intriguing aspect of its new (and until now, very underwhelmingApple Music service. The surprise addition to the tech company’s venture into the streaming world is Beats 1—a global Internet radio station that’s available 24/7 with former BBC Radio staple Zane Lowe at the helm.

Created by Trent Reznor (one of the founders of the original Beats), Beats 1 will be free for users of all Apple products and will feature artist-hosted programs, including shows from Pharrell, Drake, Elton John, Dr. Dre, Disclosure, Josh Homme, and St. Vincent. The hope is that Beats 1’s global reach will restore a sense of collective consciousness to the music community.

With Apple Music’s pay service going after other streaming giants like Spotify and Tidal, and Beats 1 preparing for battle with curated radio services like Sirius and XM, it will be interesting to see what new enemies Apple makes. At least they’ve gained a new friend in Taylor Swift, who finally agreed to stream 1989 exclusively on Apple Music.

(via Consequence of Sound)


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