WATCH: Taymir Dreams of “Melanie” for FLOOD Sessions

The group’s ’60s pop-inspired album Phosphene, will be out in the US later this year

A couple of months ago, we shared Taymir’s performance of the addictive pop number, “Jenny,” as an exclusive FLOOD session. Now, the Dutch quartet pines for a new girl in this live video premiere of their track “Melanie,” which is available to check out before the US release of the band’s upcoming album, Phosphene.

Taymir’s acoustic performance boasts mesmerizing harmonies and tons of ’60s style (but, honestly, you just had to look at their haircuts to figure that out). Check out the video and let the sounds of this British Invasion throwback overwhelm you.

Phosphene, which has been available in the Netherlands since 2012, will come out in the United States later this year.


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