JetBlue Makes Delayed Flights Significantly More Bearable with New Rooftop Lounge above JFK’s Terminal 5

The new space comes complete with free Wi-Fi, food trucks, and a dog park

As Louis C.K. points out, despite the miraculous reality of modern air travel, people still find things to hate about the airport. And it’s hard to blame them; in our convenience-based culture of advanced technology, airports—along with the DMV and supermarket lines—are one of the few places that still make us wait.

For New Yorkers, this modern irritation just got a lot more bearable. As Paste reports, JetBlue just opened a new rooftop lounge above JFK’s Terminal 5. Unlike exclusive airport lounges (looking at you, Admiral’s Club) the new 4,046-square-foot area is open to all travelers who have cleared security, regardless of their chosen airline.

On top of all this, the rooftop lounge will include free Wi-Fi, food trucks, a play area for the kiddos, and even a dog park—you know, for all those dogs you see on airplanes.

While it’s hard not to wonder why they didn’t build one of these in, say, Southern California, where it’s always warm, we’re happy for our east coast friends, even if they’ll only be able to enjoy it during the summer months.

(via Paste)


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