White Reaper, “White Reaper Does It Again”

White-Reaper_White-Reaper-Does-It-Again-coverWhite Reaper
White Reaper Does It Again

White Reaper Does It Again is the playfully titled debut LP from Louisville, Kentucky, quartet White Reaper. It is also nothing short of delightful. The twelve fuzzy and frantic tracks sound exactly like what you would expect from a young garage band: four restless guys in their early twenties letting loose in a studio. Does It Again opener “Make Me Wanna Die” is punchy and immediately catchy, and everything about the lo-fi, post-punk track “I Don’t Think She Cares” sounds like the late  Jay Reatard. Come for the infectious early-album hooks and exciting atmosphere, but stay for bangers like “Candy,” “Sheila,” and “Friday the 13th,” which sounds like it leapt right out of an ’80s slasher flick—complete with excellent synth lines, naturally. Play White Reaper Does It Again while driving. Play it at a party. Play it to start a party. Try not to like this album. They dare you.



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