Damn Fine Coffee! And Hot!: A “Twin Peaks” Pop-Up Restaurant Experience is Coming to London

Hopefully they’ll make sure there’s no fish in the percolator.

If you were frantically wondering what you were going to do to kill the potential two years until the Twin Peaks reboot comes to air, there’s good news. That is, of course, if you’re planning to visit Seattle’s gloomy cousin to the east—London.

From August 27 to October 16, a pop-up restaurant known as The Owls Are Not What They Seem will host an “immersive dining experience” for die-hards to geek out over a three-course meal of what can only be assumed to include donuts, coffee, and pie. The setting will be a “slice of small-town America, and a slap up at the Double R, with some familiar faces here and there…”

Tickets are on sale now for the dinner (running £66.50, or around $100), and starting in August, you can get a ticket solely for access to “The RoadHouse” bar, where James will likely be sitting there moping around when he should just go back to Donna, you fool! She’s too good for you anyway!

(via Variety)


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