The Pop-Up Pantone Cafe Is a Color-Coded Dream

Of course it’s in Monaco.
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The Pop-Up Pantone Cafe Is a Color-Coded Dream

Of course it’s in Monaco.

Words: Bailey Pennick

header photo courtesy of Pantone Cafe website

July 23, 2015

2015. Pantone Cafe, Monaco

In our second installment of cafes that you wish were down the street instead of across the world, we travel to the Principality of Monaco for the expressed purpose of drooling over the brand-new Pantone Cafe.

Located on the “esplanade of the Grimaldi Forum” within the France-adjacent independent microstate, the Cafe’s namesake and design comes directly from Lawrence Herbert’s masterful color-matching system, which he developed in 1963. The aesthetically pleasing swatches, the basis of the Pantone system, have inspired admiration from graphic designers to casual minimalists across the globe. Pantone even pleases (or enrages) the masses by picking the color of the year.

In keeping with the vivid and playful theme, everything at the restaurant matches a very specific Pantone color. Want a glass of OJ? You better be prepared to order a “Vibrant Orange #16-1364 juice.” The attention to detail—all the way down to the furniture, napkins, and coffee cups—is incredible.

Unfortunately, this rainbow dream is only temporary (one point to you, Bar Luce). The pop-up Pantone Cafe will only be available to spend your dreamy afternoons in from July 14–August 23, so you better book your flight to Monaco now to be able to “taste the colors.”

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