The Six Burning Questions That FYF 2015 Will (Hopefully) Answer

FYF Fest 2015 will take place at the LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park on August 22 and 23.

We’ve been going to FYF for a long time. So long, in fact, that we remember when it used to be officially called Fuck Yeah Fest and was located at several venues across Los Angeles. Now, the little fest that could has turned into a true contender for one of the summer’s best festivals with headlining acts and food/drink tents that rival Coachella and Lollapalooza alike. Last year, FYF moved to the area surrounding LA Sports Arena (home to the 1960 Democratic National Convention) and experienced its own share of growing pains and pleasures. We were there for all of them.

In a couple of weeks, the 2015 incarnation of FYF will be upon us with sets by Frank Ocean, Morrissey, D’Angelo, Belle and Sebastian, Battles, and so many more. To prepare for the two-day fest properly, we took the time to ponder life’s greatest questions…about FYF. Join us, won’t you?

Listen to our Spotify playlist to accompany these quandaries now. 

How many LA County babies born in May 2016 will be named D’Angelo?

D’Angelo dropped Black Messiah on a random Sunday night in December 2014, almost as if he were daring the world to kick off the week by getting freaky. And while Black Messiah mostly skirts the full-on sex appeal of 2000’s Voodoo in favor of hardline political talk, there’s no denying the slinky power of “Sugar Daddy” or the miniature groove of “Really Love.” With so much funk pumping out of those main-stage speakers, get ready to see love amplified.

Will all the food at FYF be vegan thanks to Morrissey?

While we all had some good fun making jokes about the odds of Morrissey actually showing up to his scheduled FYF performance, the fest is now only two weeks away and it seems like The Smiths frontman will actually make it. Now that we can relax (slightly) about that, it’s time to start worrying about what impact his presence will have on the festival as a whole. Earlier this year, Morrissey got the behemoth known as Madison Square Garden to go vegan for the night of his performance, leaving meat eaters without their stadium hotdogs. And while that doesn’t seem so bad (because hot dogs are the worst), FYF is known for its delicious foods that can usually be found featuring dairy and meat (so soon Spicy Pie). Hopefully, the thousands of concertgoers will win in this battle of “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.”

Can Mac DeMarco possibly tell jokes any cornier than the ones he told last year?

Mac DeMarco has risen to fame with sensitive songs and a reputation as indie rock’s gap-toothed goofball. There’s no better place to fully examine the juxtaposition between these two aspects of his personality than at his live shows, where he’ll close off a gentle guitar jam like “Cookin’ Up Something Good” with a blunt comment like, “That song’s about smoking meth!” DeMarco’s sound check at last year’s FYF, during which he repeatedly chanted the name of his new guitar player, Andy White, and announced that “Andy White is sixteen years old and a virgin” was definitely one of the highlights of the show. DeMarco’s bad jokes are what makes him so charming, but with the bar set so high from last year, we’re not sure if he can top himself in the corniness department. Your move, DeMarco.


What FYF themed donuts will be sold by Donut Friend this year?

One of the things that saved our insanity while we were smooshed in the insanely crowded walkways of FYF’s new home last year was the Donut Friend tent. Known for delicious creations like “Bacon 182,” “Banana Kill,” and “Drive Like Jelly,” Mark Trombino’s playful Highland Park donut shop has captured our hearts and arteries. With tweets unveiling treats like “Yo La Mango,” we’re sure to get at least one FYF artist related pastry. Our vote is for the sticky sweet D’Angelonut topped with brown sugar (patent pending).

Are Death Grips actually going to show up?

Industrial hip-hop experimentalists Death Grips have mystified the music community not only with their intentionally verbose music, but also with notable no-shows at gigs, leaving fans confused and angry (which is, ironically enough, just the right state of mind for a Death Grips concert). That track record adds a certain amount of mystique to the duo’s scheduled Sunday night spot, but it should be noted that they played on time and as scheduled at FYF 2013 and subsequently scorched up a dust pile of ravaged energy and despair. Bring a bandana.

Is anybody going to be emotionally okay after Frank Ocean’s headlining set?

Frank Ocean may be a graduate of notoriously goofy hip-hop collective OFWGKTA (a.k.a. Odd Future), but in his solo material, shit gets real. Just try listening to “Wise Man” without getting a little teary-eyed. If you multiply Ocean’s already highly emotional repertoire by an audience of people who have been standing in a the hot sun for several hours, you might end up with a collective mental health crisis by the end of the set.


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