Thom Yorke Writing Music for Harold Pinter Play

Long pauses. Veiled threats. Suppressed meaning. Sounds like Thom Yorke's bag alright.

While the rest of Radiohead work on a new record, Thom Yorke will be preparing music for a new production of Harold Pinter‘s Old Times. The play, which will star Clive Owen, Eve Best, and Kelly Reilly, is currently in production and will open on Broadway in early October. As Stereogum reports, director Douglas Hodge had this to say about Yorke’s involvement:

“The music Thom has written for Old Times gives an immediacy and a ‘now‐ness’ to the show. The play itself is about memory and love—Thom’s music works backwards and forwards and plays with time and repetition in the same way Pinter does. In true Thom Yorke style, the music is epic, heartbreaking, irresistible and complex. I’m hopeful this collaboration will result in a new kind of theatergoer coming to our show.”

Pinter, the play’s author, is well known his distinctive literary style, in which characters are unable to communicate directly with one another, speaking largely in passive-aggressive threats and suppressing their true intentions. In other words, they talk like people in Radiohead songs.

Old Times begins previews on September 17 and has its Broadway debut on October 6.


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