WATCH: Taste Young Love In Alex G’s “Bug” Video

Beach Music is out October 9 on Domino.

Alex Giannascoli first made serious waves with last year’s DSU, his sixth LP as Alex G. Now he’s set to follow it up with Beach Music, another collection of sparkling brush-folk. “Bug” was released as a single a few weeks ago, and now it has its own video, courtesy of director Micah Van Hove, who says of the video and working with Giannascoli, “The music of Alex G carries such vivid stories, fleeting moments and cunning characterization that one can’t help but think visually while listening. The idea here was to explore the cyclical nature of a relationship, the addictive quality of love and the joy and confusion it brings.”

Van Hove’s video follows a young couple through their day, the subtle ways they approach and flee from one another a reflection of the song’s gentle push and pull. See for yourself below.

Beach Music is out October 9 on Domino.


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