PREMIERE: Alek Fin Shares Dark, Grooving New Track “Golden, Blinding” (feat. Galun)

The LA-based musician's second EP is due out later this year.

LA’s Alek Fin (aka Adam Finkel) may be an electronic musician, but his newest track “Golden, Blinding” was made almost entirely with the human voice.

It started when the Moscow-based producer Galun sent him a beat made solely from vocal percussion, and from there, Fin took the idea and ran with it. “[Galun’s beat] inspired me to use vocals as the primary textures and make things as organic as possible,” Fin said in a press release.

The result is a brooding, slow-burning groove that channels the subdued production and vocal stylings of James Blake. “Golden, Blinding” comes ahead of Finkel’s second EP, Án Mynda, which is due out later this year. Án Mynda is an Icelandic translation of “without form” or “without generation.”

Listen to our premiere of the new track below, followed by the EP’s cover art and track list.

Án Mynda track list

“Án Mynda”Alek-Fin_AnMyndaArtwork
“Lift Up” (feat. Robot Koch)
“Golden, Blinding” (feat. Galun)
“Eyes Open Shut”







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