WATCH: Boogarins Work Out “Avalanche” Live at Centro Cultural São Paulo

The Brazilian group's second LP, Manual, is out October 30.

“Avalanche,” the first single from Boogarins‘ forthcoming Manual (full title: Manual, ou guia livre de dissolução dos sonhos—Manual, or free guide to the dissolution of dreams in English) is the next in a long, long line of Brazilian protest songs to leaven political outrage with complex grooves. The band shared the studio recording of the song a couple of weeks ago, and today they’re releasing a live video recorded at the Centro Cultural São Paulo. Singer Dino Almeida, whose voice has the same breezy relationship to rhythm as that of Jorge Ben circa “Mas Que Nada,” rests deep in the pocket, while Almeida and Benke Ferraz shuffle their guitar lines into a celestial pattern. It’s arena-sized samba played with Brooklyn-basement scrappiness.

Manual is out October 30 on Other Music.


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