The Painter of Sunflowers: Vincent van Gogh Was the Theme of This Year’s Dutch Flower Parade

You missed this year’s Dutch flower parade again, didn’t you?

For the last seventy-nine years, the excellently named Dutch town of Zundert has hosted one of the world’s largest flower parades (we still love you, Rose Parade), and this year they decided to do something special by making hometown boy Vincent van Gogh the theme.

Year to year, the parade is not traditionally limited to a set theme, but given the recent hundred-and-twenty-fifth anniversary of the artist’s death, Zundert has joined the Van Gogh Museum in celebrating the impressionist master’s life and work in a unique way.

You can check out the surreal magic of the event (as well as take in the vibes of some very happy Dutch people) below.


(via Slate)


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