Danny Boyle Confirms “Trainspotting ” Sequel Will Feature Original Cast

That's like hypnotizing chickens.

The gang’s all here. As NME reports, filmmaker Danny Boyle recently told ComingSoon.net that the original cast of his 1996 classic Trainspotting will all be on board for the sequel, which is still being developed. “We’ve got the four main actors all eager and willing to do it,” Boyle said.

The director also announced his intentions to begin shooting in “May and June” of next year in the hopes of releasing the film sometime in 2016, the twentieth anniversary of the original film. Trainspotting screenwriter John Hodge is penning the script for the as-yet-unnamed sequel, which will be loosely based on the novel PornoTrainspotting author Irving Walsh’s own sequel.

We’ll keep you posted with any further developments, but in the meantime, choose life.


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