Eagles of Death Metal, “Zipper Down”

Eagles_of_Death_Metal-2015-Zipper_Down_cover_hi_resEagles of Death Metal
Zipper Down

Eagles of Death Metal have returned after a seven-year hiatus following the 2008 release of Heart On. Their latest, Zipper Down, is catchy, but definitely not their best. Most of the songs on the record are comprised of rehashed structures and melodies from their previous LPs. Unlike the simplistic, danceable, Southern-inspired rock and roll ass-shaking music  the band introduced on Peace Love Death Metal and Death by Sexy, this release is a bit overwrought—a surprise considering Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme drummed on and produced the album. There are a handful of wiggle-worthy tunes, notably opener “Complexity,” which starts out with thick drums and bass leading into vocalist Jesse Hughes’ fun and rhythmic delivery. Other songs, like “Silverlake,” dig deep into the silly and satirical side of the band and hit you right in the face, making you either laugh out loud or roll your eyes. Zipper Down has some memorable hooks, and the rhythm section particularly shines, but with this band, it’s best to buy their first two records and remember them for what they were: a fun joke that apparently won’t age that well.


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