WATCH: For One Night Only, Bob Nastanovich and Steve West Moonlight in Crooked Corners, a Pavement Cover Band

I’d keep your address to yourself, guys.

While we never did get that Colbert reunion, it’s been a good year for Pavement fans, what with the Slanted and Enchanted rarities reissue and the subsequent stories that came along with it. But if you want to see Pavement live these days, your best bet is still an offhand track from Stephen Malkmus (when he’s feeling charitable) during a performance with the Jicks, or at a dive with a cover band.

Nashville’s Crooked Corners present one such opportunity, and last week they made good on their promise of being the “ultimate Pavement experience” by getting two-fifths of the actual band to join them onstage during a set at The Stone Fox. Bob Nastanovich walked on with the tambourine during “Range Life,” and stayed up there to sing his iconic lines in “Stereo” and “Conduit for Sale!” himself, with Steve West joining to play the drum parts that he knows so well. Then Nastanovich toasted the group with a bottle of tequila, taking the bottle with him on his way out.

Great job, everyone. Next week see if you can get David Berman to show up. He knows Nashville.

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