WATCH: Muse Soundtracks a Futuristic Cyber-Punk Battle in new “Revolt” Virtual Reality Video by VRSE

Download the VRSE app for the full 360 degree experience.

Apocalyptic rockers Muse collaborated with creator Guy Shelmerdine for their first virtual reality video. The immersive 360 degree video for the Drones song “Revolt” was shot on location in a power plant in Prague.

Set in a dystopian future, the video for “Revolt” features a clash between cyborg police and brightly colored “activists” who resemble a certain Russian punk band while futuristic drones fly overhead.

Shelmerdine said in a press release, “This isn’t a music video in the traditional sense. It’s an experience. You aren’t watching Muse play on your TV. You are riding around in drones, flying through a riot as tear gas swirls around you, swooping within inches of Muse’s dramatic performance.”

Check out the browser version of the video below, but for the full experience, download the VRSE app via the website and watch on your mobile device.

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