FLOOD Holiday Gift Guide: Apparel

Stumped on what to buy someone on your gift list? Here at FLOOD, we polled the staff and put together our own picks for what we’d like for the holidays. Humble? Hm, not exactly, but here are a few helpful hints for the sartorialist who has everything. And we brought along a couple of pals from the LA chapter of the Best Friends Animal Society to help us model some of the goods.



1. Dr. Martens Kids Delaney Boot in Hot Pink
There is no better way to tell the world that your offspring are the punkest kids on the playground than by dressing them up in Dr. Martens. It’s true that each pair of kids Delaney boots features Dr. Martens’ signature sole and patented Lamper leather, but they also come with the promise of mischief and freedom to come. Since they mimic Dr. Martens’ original boots almost exactly (kids shoes come with an additional zipper so you don’t lose your mind trying to lace their kicks), you can even make your kids mini-yous. It might nab you two covers of Balboa Bay Window magazine. $75 at DrMartens.com


Trufflez, a five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix, is only two boots away from a full set / photo by Justin Baker

2. Mission Workshop Waxed Canvas Sanction weatherproof rucksack
As anyone who has seen that Seinfeld with Jerry’s suede jacket knows, putting style ahead of functionality will screw you over. Mission Workshop would likely agree on that point, but they also seem to know that style doesn’t need to be sacrificed just to make something weatherproof. Take their Waxed Canvas Sanction weatherproof rucksack, for example. Nifty and sturdy, this bag’ll keep your computer safe through a rainstorm without making you look like you’re on your way to the Amazon. Does it come in suede, though, guys? $295 at MissionWorkshop.com

3. Women’s Filson x Burton Prowess Jacket
Burton consistently proves that snowboarding apparel and gear don’t have to be ugly or bulky. This year, they’ve teamed up with legendary adventurer fashion brand Filson to give women boarders a substantial and stylish coat for the slopes. With a fleece hood and a sherpa lined collar, your sporty friend will be ready for any weather condition that comes at her. $369.95 at Burton.com

4. Stay Home Club Emotional Baggage sleepover bag
Perfect for that time of the year when countless couples first come face-to-face with their significant other’s family, Safe Home Club’s Emotional Baggage sleepover bag is a subtle and practical way to be upfront about what you’re getting people into from a distance. In sleek all-capital letters, this bag delivers the “haha, just kidding—or am I?” message loud and clear. $45 at StayHomeClub.com

5. The Everlane Chelsea Boot
They say to know a person, you should walk a mile in their shoes. If we had the chance to put on a pair of Chelsea boots by Everlane, we would sprint a couple of miles and never give them back. Does that make us thieves? Maybe, but these shoes are so nice. Made with 100% Italian leather and sporting a small heel, the Chelsea boot by Everlane is the best update of the Beatle boot that we’ve seen. Just slip these babies on—because who has time to lace things up?—to upgrade any look. $235 at Everlane.com


6. NBA Collection socks by Stance
There comes a point in every person’s life when their relationship to socks changes. As a kid, there is no gift lamer than a fresh pair of crew-lengths. As an adult—particularly one who runs around with holes in their heels, not that that describes any of us at FLOOD—there is almost nothing more delightful. And when it comes to killer socks, Stance is hard to beat. Their strategic padding and top-notch construction means they stay comfortable without sacrificing breathability. But without their design, they’d be nothing more than high-end underwear. These bad boys put a fresh spin on the quickly aging “ugly sweater” concept by moving the whole thing footward. That’s probably why they’ll be the official on-court sock of the NBA this Christmas. $28 at Stance.com 

7. Danner Mountain Pass Cedar boots
Danner’s boots are made in Portland, Oregon, a land so beholden to the wild that they had to name all of their professional sports teams after some aspect of it. So you know that anyone who’s been making boots there since the Depression knows what they’re doing. And while the Danner Mountain Light Cascade is the industry standard (you may have seen Reese Witherspoon hurl one in a moment of intense ennui in the movie Wild), the Mountain Pass Cedar is lighter in weight, making it more ideal for weekend warriors, part-time trekkers, and those of us who need something to wear on a run to the coffee shop. You can pick up a pair online, or you could just start digging on the Pacific Crest Trail$350 at Danner.com

8. Meow the Jewels gear
There are two things that cannot be stopped: the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the summer-winning tag team of Killer Mike and El-P. Earlier this year, the mighty Run the Jewels finally dropped their much-anticipated cat-themed remix LP Meow the Jewels, and their hardworking merchandising team has you covered with MTJ-themed t-shirts and hoodies—oh, and of course, mouse pads. Various prices at RunTheJewels.net

9. Ben Sherman House Gingham Coat
Ben Sherman has been making menswear since 1963, and the beautiful thing about this heavy duffle coat—scratch that, one of the two or three dozen beautiful things about it—is that it would’ve looked just as good coming off of the line back then as it does now. Sure, it’ll keep you warm—the double-faced wool and thick hood will see to that—but you or whichever lucky fool you give this thing to are going to look so sharp that you’ll be cutting the wind to the bone instead of the other way around. $329 at BenSherman.com


Bond, a nine-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix, is ready to roll with Big Boi

10. + 11. Big Grams merch / Big Boi’s Leftfoot Socks by Crooks & Castles
When great artists team up anything is possible. Big Grams (Big Boi + Phantogram) was unveiled this fall with a hot seven-song debut album, a killer magazine cover story, and some even hotter gear. Stay warm in a limited edition Big Grams varsity jacket or throw on a BG New Era snapback—as worn religiously by Big and Josh—to protect your noggin from the elements. But what about your toes? Big Boi himself has your loved ones covered with his Crooks & Castles luxury sock line. Various prices at BigGramsClothing.com and Big Boi’s Shop

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