LISTEN: Sleigh Bells Share “Champions of Unrestricted Beauty”

And offer very few details to go along with it.

When Grimes‘ Art Angels dropped at the stroke of midnight on November 6, Sleigh Bells‘ Derek Miller tweeted his approval: “100% go get the new Grimes record it’s bright as fuck with spikes all over it.”

And if you were surprised by how accessible that Grimes record was, then prepare to be really thrown for a loop. Miller and his bandmate Alexis Krauss today released “Champions of Unrestricted Beauty,” presumably from the followup to 2013’s Bitter Rivals, and it may be the least abrasive song Sleigh Bells have ever put to tape. And the smoothness isn’t limited to the lack of ripcord guitars, either; even Krauss’ voice sounds brighter, cleaner, and more polished than it has on past recordings.

Of course, Miller also tweeted his approval of the new Wolf Eyes record, so if such things are any indication, you probably shouldn’t worry about Sleigh Bells going soft just yet.

Read our conversation with Derek Miller about his relationship with college football here.

(via Pitchfork)


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