WATCH: Trevor Noah Debuts New “Daily Show” Theme Song, Format

The Daily Show returned from break with a new look.

The Daily Show‘s theme song, “Dog on Fire,” has a quietly proud history. The first version was performed by Hüsker Dü’s Bob Mould for the Craig Kilborn–hosted show, and Jon Stewart enlisted They Might Be Giants to record a version when he took over. Now that Trevor Noah has been in the driver’s seat for a few months, he’s debuting his own version of the theme produced by Timbaland. While the reworked track opens with the familiar fanfare, the guitar lines have given way to a shuffling beat. It’s no “Get Ur Freak On,” but then again, the original is no “Something I Learned Today,” either.

The theme isn’t the only thing Noah changed for 2016, either. If last night’s episode is any indication, the show now begins with Noah in front of the audience, then delivering his opening monologue while standing in front of a giant screen rather than behind a desk. Which means The Daily Show is one step closer to becoming the CNN of fake news.

You can check out the new theme and opening monologue below.

(via The A. V. Club)


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