WATCH: Broomsticks Are Set to Fly in the New Trailer for “The Witch”

Robert Eggers’ buzzed-about debut finally has a release date: February 19.

Winner of the Best Director award at Sundance last year, Robert Eggers has a lot of people talking—including us—about his first feature, The Witch. Set in seventeenth century New England, the horror film is about a witch, of course, that descends upon a Puritan town.

After terrifying its initial audiences (and creating fresh hype with a trailer), the project has now secured a distribution date, which will be soon: February 19. To coincide with the announcement, an extended trailer has been shared, revealing that this may be a movie less about a town versus a witch so much as it is about a town versus itself.

The Witch is out February 19.

(via /Film)


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