WATCH: PJ Harvey Shares Trailer for New Album “The Hope Six Demolition Project”

Celebrate Tax Day with Polly Jean.

The last time we heard about PJ Harvey‘s new record, via a strange clip of her wandering through ruins of old buildings, things seemed pretty bleak (see: ruins of old buildings). But today things are looking up: Harvey has revealed the album’s title—The Hope Six Demolition Project—and dropped a new trailer for the record. The two-minute clip is soundtracked by a pair of album songs—”The Community of Hope” and “The Wheel”—both of which are far more upbeat than the abrasive grime we heard in the previous video. You can watch the Seamus Heaney–directed clip below.

Harvey also premiered the album’s lead single, “The Wheel,” on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 showUpdate: the track is also streaming on Spotify. You can hear it below.

The Hope Six Demolition Project was inspired by Harvey’s journeys through Kosovo, Afghanistan, and the most volatile and toxic spot in North America: Washington D. C. It was recorded in London’s Somerset House, where the general public was allowed to view the sessions through one-way glass.

“When I’m writing a song I visualise the entire scene,” Harvey said in a statement. “I can see the colours, I can tell the time of day, I can sense the mood, I can see the light changing, the shadows moving, everything in that picture. Gathering information from secondary sources felt too far removed for what I was trying to write about. I wanted to smell the air, feel the soil and meet the people of the countries I was fascinated with.”

The Hope Six Demolition Project is out April 15 on Vagrant.



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