WATCH: Key and Peele Go Gangsta in “Keanu” Trailer

The comedy duo returns with their first feature film.

Now that it’s been almost six months since they announced the dissolution of Key & Peele—and almost five months since they announced their return to television—it’s about time we get our first glimpse of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele‘s first feature film, Keanu.

The film, which was written by Peele and Key & Peele writer Alex Rubens, finds the duo abandoning their cushy suburban life when Peele’s kitten—the titular Keanu—is stolen by gangsters. In order to get Keanu back, they pose as drug dealers and infiltrate the gangsters’ lair. While it’s essentially the same plot as the 1999 film Whiteboyz, it does give the pair the excuse to fire guns, drop their voices an octave, and sport their best normcore getups.

You can watch the red-band trailer below.

Keanu is out April 29.

(via /Film)


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