LISTEN: Try to Sleep after Hearing Father John Misty’s New Lullaby

“Maybe, Sweet One, You Won’t Have Nightmares Tonight” was originally planned for a Colbert bit.

Lullabies are strange and always a little bit creepy, but leave it to Father John Misty to take the supposedly soothing practice to new levels of fear. A couple of weeks ago, Josh Tillman appeared on Late Show with Stephen Colbert and performed “Holy Shit” off of last year’s excellent I Love You, Honeybear. Now, Tillman has shared an original cradle song from a cut-for-time bit from that episode, which was probably another installment of Colbert’s great segment “Bedtime Stories.”

Tillman’s sleep serenade is full of terrifying imagery—a hat made of human hair, losing one’s penis, standing naked in front of an audience covered in tattoos that you didn’t agree to getting, and more. Listen to the horrifying nighttime possibilities below.

(via Consequence of Sound)


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