Spike Jonze Tapped to Co-Head VICELAND, the New VICE TV Channel

Programming like Balls Deep, Gaycation, and Fuck, That’s Delicious are already scheduled to air.

Unfortunately for us, Spike Jonze is naturally sporadic when it comes to feature films (if you can believe it, Her came out two years ago), but thankfully the Adaptation. director keeps himself busy with non-feature projects. He’s done skate movies, appeared in Beck songs, and, of course, directed dozens of the greatest music videos ever, but now it appears he’s heading into a new direction: TV mogul.

Announced today, Jonze will be the co-president of VICELAND, an upcoming VICE TV channel set to air a variety of original, edgy VICE content. Jonze is joining Eddy Moretti (the chief creative officer) and the suspiciously named Guy Slattery (the general manager) in molding and curating the network, which will feature some classic VICE shows such as Balls DeepWeediquette, and Action Bronson’s Fuck, That’s Delicious, as well as a slew of new shows such as Gaycation with Ellen Page, Noisey, and Flophouse.

Jones, who along with Moretti will be responsible for overseeing the channel’s content, had this to say:

It’s a pretty crazy moment for us that someone’s giving us a TV channel. We’re trying to make the whole thing just be driven by creativity and making something that feels personal. And the exciting thing about my job is handing over this channel to artists and filmmakers who inspire us, both here inside VICE and in the outside world.

VICELAND is set to launch on February 29.

(via Variety)


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