Nap Eyes, “Thought Rock Fish Scale”

11183_JKTNap Eyes
Thought Rock Fish Scale

Canadian foursome Nap Eyes have proved to be at the top of their game when it comes to making witty, intellectual rock that could easily be the soundtrack to a slightly depressed professor’s life. On their second LP, Thought Rock Fish Scale, the group continues this trend while reaching new heights by displaying absolute sincerity. Composed of droning vocals, stark percussion, and no-frills guitar riffs, the album’s musical simplicity complements and highlights the blunt beauty of Nigel Chapman’s lyrics. The songs capture feelings of isolation so poignantly that it almost becomes uncomfortable, but, strangely, in a good way. The album skips the small talk and gets right to its deeper purpose: offering a journalistic, straightforward account of what it is to be lonely, self-conscious, and outcast. As a result, Though Rock Fish Scale becomes a cathartic experience that forces you to feel, think, and reflect.


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