Show Someone You (Would) Care (to Eat Their Brains) This Valentine’s Day with “Walking Dead” Cards

Nothing says love like blood and guts?

Whether you’re happily paired up or happily single (or miserable in either camp), you’re well aware that this Sunday is Valentine’s Day. As the well-known precursor to Love Day, companies of all sizes have been trying to get your hard-earned dollar in exchange for something probably pink or red with hearts on it. This year, AMC is getting into the game with specialized Hallmark e-cards to promote the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, which serendipitously premieres on February 14. Ah, synergy and cross-promotion at its finest.

So instead of giving your partner another private Elton John concert, fresh english muffins, or a personalized breakfast on Sunday, give them a twenty-second clip of zombies tearing at flesh and making horrible sounds! There are four options to choo choo choose from—which you can check out here—but the clear gross-factor winner is the nasty hoard huddled around what looks like a heart-shaped box of candy with the phrase “Love You to Pieces” plastered on top of it.

And if for some reason your loved one doesn’t want to associate Valentine’s Day with gruesome nightmares, you can always go with a good old-fashioned monkey card. But just remember, Valentine’s Day is also about monsters enjoying each other’s company, dancing, and holding their evil in check.

(via Rolling Stone)


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