WATCH: Paul McCartney Writes Emoji Music, The Cosmic Ballet Goes On

Ten new “Love Mojis” featuring the Beatle’s take on 8-bit melodies are now on Skype.

It’s hard to imagine that Paul McCartney can really be persuaded purely by money to do anything at this point, so it’s logical to assume that his more recent, quirky forays into twenty-first century endorsements are simply a reflection of what Macca—or Macca’s grandkids—are into. Skype would certainly agree, anyway, and for that reason the online communication giant has convinced the most respected living pop star to create music for them—emoji music. What a time to be alive.

Part of a “Love Moji” series that’s being launched in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, the new emojis feature brief little McCartney melodies written for a number of specific, silly characters. In a sense, it’s kind of like what Brian Eno did with the Windows 95 start-up music, but with more innuendo.

All ten emojis are online now, and they’re pretty hilarious (shout-out to the dancing turtle). If Skype knows what’s good for ’em, they’d license these bad boys out to other carriers.

You can watch a behind-the-scenes video about the making of the emoji music below.

(via Pitchfork)


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