WATCH: Spend a Weekday at Bernie’s with Bleached in the “Wednesday Night Melody” Video

Welcome the Worms is out on April 1 on Dead Oceans.

Bleached recently reincarnated to announce Welcome the Worms, their upcoming second LP, and to share “Keep On Keepin’ On,” but now they’re taking reincarnation to a new level. A second single and video for “Wednesday Night Melody” has been shared, and in it, lead singer Jennifer Clavin has kicked the bucket. And wouldn’t you just know it? They’ve still got a date to keep at The Smell that night.

The video was directed by Gil Kenan, who—unless there’s another director named Gil Kenan out there—was the filmmaker behind the recent Poltergeist remake. That explains the dead thing. Or does it… As Jennifer explains, the images do in fact suit the music more than you might think:

We were so stoked we got to do this video with Gil Kenan. We’ve known each other for years from the Smell scene in L.A. I didn’t realize how well his concept for this video flowed with the lyrics until after we finished filming. The lyrics started off as a letter to myself and range from depicting the indulgence of vices to escape, sad reflection of the past, and into the acceptance of those feelings as a part of life and feeling hopeful for the future. So the fact that I play dead during this whole video was such an abstract take on it that it felt perfect.

You can watch the whole thing below.

Welcome the Worms is out on April 1 on Dead Oceans.


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