WATCH: FKA twigs Declares it “Good to Love” in Sheet-Twisting New Video

Plus she'll be on The Tonight Show next week.

The last time we saw FKA twigs, she was a deflated mess in a tangle of sheets in the warped-love M3LL155X video. Now, a mere week after her presence was requested at the unveiling of Yeezy Season Three (alongside Louis Farrakhan and “every awesome wrestler”), she’s back between the sheets with a new single and video.

“Good to Love” is a remarkably straightforward cut from the avant R&B star. The track, which twigs produced alongside multi-instrumentalist Rick Nowels, premiered during her Soundtrack 7 residency at the Manchester International Festival this summer, during which she composed a new dance piece every day for a week. The video, which twigs also directed, finds her writhing among bedsheets as she proclaims the titular phrase; this being twigs, though, that phrase doesn’t come across as a boldfaced declaration so much as a plea or an urgent reminder of a truth whose light might be fading. You can check it out below.

Additionally, twigs has announced that she’ll be playing “Good to Love” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on February 24.


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