WATCH: Car Seat Headrest Wants to Go Home in the Video for “Vincent”

Teens of Denial, the follow-up to last year’s Teens of Style, is out in “late spring” via Matador.

When Matador announced a multi-album deal and release rollout with Car Seat Headrest (a.k.a. Will Toledo), it seemed strange. Two albums, similarly named, released within a year of each other? Why not test the waters with one? Why the weird confidence? Are they still running a business? Is Matador Records turning into K Records?

As things have fallen into place, however, it’s begun to make a decent amount of sense. The first release, Teens of Style, was a sampler of his past—a compilation of music that served as an explanation as to why Matador was so interested in him. And the second album, Teens of Denial, is perhaps the real prize in wait. At least, that’s how it sounds as based on the first single released today—“Vincent.”

Ironic as it may be for an artist that made his name popularizing a prolific run of bedroom records, it’s clear that where Toledo belongs is in the studio. The new track is almost unsettlingly well-produced (by Steve Fisk, according to Pitchfork)—and is sure to disappoint at least a few die-hards on principle alone—but it’s stellar, and should be embraced as such.

Right now, there’s two versions of the tune out there: you can listen to the nearly eight-minute version on various streaming services, or you can listen to the radio edit that’s attached the music video, available to watch below.

Teens of Denial is out in “late spring” via Matador.


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