HEX’s New Legion Collection Makes Sure You Don’t Leave It All Behind

The bag and laptop accessories brand merges the urban with the outdoors in its new line.

It’s the modern age, folks, and even if you plan on “getting away from it all” this weekend in the Sierras or embarking on a rugged road trip through the wilderness, don’t think for one moment you’re actually going to leave your laptop and cellphone behind. HEX feels you, and has just unveiled a new line of self-described “techcessories” inspired by the great outdoors.

Featuring seven new, structured bags and laptop accessories, the Legion Collection brings a rugged, organic sensibility to the often mundane and bland world of ready-to-wear tech apparel—these might actually look good with a bit of wear and tear. And the fabrics and designs might make you feel like you’ve just traversed the great outdoors instead of sitting in commuter traffic all morning—an impressive feat for a Wednesday; we’ll take it.

Take a look at the collection below and make sure to head to HEX’s official website for more.



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