PREMIERE: Freedom Fry Goes “Home” in the Latest Episode of WorldArts’ New Show “Nic Harcourt’s TRANSMISSIONS”

The first few episodes of the renowned radio personality’s new interview and performance show have featured Lucinda Williams, Chicano Batman, and Silversun Pickups.

You probably know Nic Harcourt from the radio, where he’s been a major figure of the last several decades, but his latest venture brings him—and his iconic voice—to the screen. Nic Harcourt’s TRANSMISSIONS, which premiered earlier this month, is a new WorldArts show that brings in carefully curated acts to perform a few tracks and sit down for an interview.

The premiere installment was an intimate sit down with Lucinda Williams, who’s supporting the excellent new album The Ghosts of Highway 20, and following that were entries with Chicano Batman and Silversun Pickups. You can watch all of those episodes here.

Upcoming, however, is an episode featuring the cheekily named French/American band Freedom Fry, from which we have one of their performances—of the song “Home”—to premiere. Ahead of the episode’s March 1 air date, you can watch that clip below.


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