Rob Corddry Says the Current Season of “Childrens Hospital” Will Be the Last

“Over the last couple of months, I had a feeling larva that transformed into a thought caterpillar, and, to continue the metaphor, then became a decision butterfly.”

Ahead of the April 22 season finale of Childrens Hospital, Rob Corddry has revealed that this current seventh season of the show will be its last. Corddry detailed the decision in an extensive interview with Vulture, where he emphasized that the reasoning was mainly creative.

“One thing that made the decision a little easier was how strong this season was,” Corddry said. “We just finished editing this season a couple of weeks ago, and it really is the ultimate season of Childrens Hospital. That wasn’t the decision-maker but it certainly was a strong factor.”

An interesting detail to note is that Corddry said he didn’t decide to wrap things up until after this season was already in the can. Despite this, he said that the finale does indeed wrap things up nicely, and that it’s one of his favorite episodes ever (“I truly believe we could not have written a better series finale if we had intended to”).

“I was thinking about how the longest running shows that sustain their comedy are animated shows like The Simpsons or South Park,” he said. “I only compare myself to those in that we are like a live-action cartoon. We can get away with anything. Really the only thing ending the show is us, because it’s not gonna be the ideas, it’s not gonna be stories.”

So, that’s all, folks. Or is it… One last thing noted is that Corddry is open to bringing the show back in some capacity in the future, and that he has an open invitation from Adult Swim for “like a half-hour special here and there.”

In the meantime, however, Corddry has one last detail to emphasize to fans of the show: “I know Childrens Hospital is notoriously hard to find online without paying for it and that is the result of corporate politics and everything, but I have no problem telling everyone to go watch it on YouTube. It’s all up there. I don’t need to see a check from it. Steal my show.”

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