PREMIERE: Ashley Shadow Steps into the Spotlight with “Tired”

The journeywoman singer-songwriter prepares her solo debut.

For years, Ashley Webber worked as a utility player, recording and touring with acts as varied as Pink Mountaintops, The Cave Singers, and Bonnie “Prince” Billy—nearly stealing the show from Will Oldham on the latter’s “You Want That Picture.”

After a decade spent playing bass with The Organ and backing other groups, Webber is finally releasing her solo debut under the name Ashley Shadow. And though her voice served as a perfect counter-melodic pillow in the wilds of those other group’s records, you’d never guess from the sound of “Tired,” which we’re very proud to be premiering today, that there was ever a time that she wasn’t at the front of the sound.

The world that she builds around herself, while not dissimilar from that of her comrades, is smaller, but potent with focus; the confidence in her voice here is contagious. “Your lover has just run away again,” she sings as she leans into the chorus, pulling soft washes of guitar and faraway processed sound around her like a miniature hurricane. She sounds at home at its center.

You can give “Tired” a listen—and check out Ashley Shadow’s art and track list—below.

Ashley  Shadow track list

“All For You”FPO_FLT-027_JKT_DS_REV
“Way It Should”
“Blurred Views”
“Another Day”
“In Shadows”

Ashley Shadow is out April 15 on felte.



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