WATCH: Enter the “Community of Hope” in PJ Harvey’s New Video

The Hope Six Demolition Project is out April 15 on Island.

We’ve been watching the development of PJ Harvey’s new album The Hope Six Demolition Project for some time now—in fact, it’s made our list of most anticipated releases two years running. It won’t be on it next year, however, since the album actually has a release date now: April 15.

First up was the track “The Wheel,” which set the stage for the increasing politicism of “Community of Hope”—shared as a stand-alone track last week. The concept of Harvey having an agenda for this release shouldn’t be any surprise to those who have paid attention to her work for the last several decades—particularly on 2011’s landmark Let England Shake—but it clearly caught DC politicians offguard, many of whom were quick to lambast Harvey’s depiction of the inner city neighborhood of Ward 7 (“PJ Harvey is to music what Piers Morgan is to cable news,” said the campaign treasurer for Vince Gray, former mayor of DC).

Today Harvey responded in a sense by sharing a video for the track—directed by Seamus Murphy—that tours the “Community of Hope” itself. At the end, the music fades away to footage of the gospel choir learning their parts. You can watch that video below.

The Hope Six Demolition Project is out April 15 on Island.

(via Pitchfork)


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