PREMIERE: Let It All Out with Mereki in the Video for “Scream”

When the video is in black and white, you gotta be careful in accepting rides from femme fatales.

If you’re a big fan of Night Time, My Time, and you’re getting a bit antsy waiting for Sky Ferreira to drop the follow-up, consider Mereki your new best friend. The Australian native provided backup vocals on Ferreira’s “I Blame Myself,” in addition to collaborating with a number of others in recent years, but is also developing a solo career of her own.

In December, she released an EP called Lazy Eye, and today we’re premiering a video for a new track, “Scream.” It’s right there in the title, in case you didn’t catch it, but yes “Scream” will make you want to scream, but in a good way. It’s healthy to scream sometimes.

The video itself is an eery trip through the streets and hills of LA.—just you, Mereki, and her stare. You can watch that below.


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