WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Is Wanted Dead or Alive in the “Swiss Army Man” Trailer

The most you’ll ever want to see a movie about a flatulent corpse.

At this year’s Sundance Festival, the biggest story was Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation, which took home the US Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award for Best Dramatic Film, but the sleeper candidate for most buzzed-about film was Swiss Army Man. Why, you ask? Oh, simply because the hook for the movie involves Daniel Radcliffe starring as a bloated and farty corpse.

Of course, he’s not just sitting there, but also doing a bit of interacting (in a delusional sense) with Paul Dano, who’s in a Cast Away–type situation on an island, longing to find his way to Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who has some problems of her own to deal with in 10 Cloverfield Lane). From hearing the “farting corpse” bit alone, it was hard to understand how Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert had gone on to win Sundance’s Directing Award, but from looking at the magical realist touches of trailer—released today—it’s starting to make sense.

You can check out a taste of the surreal experience below.

Swiss Army Man is out July 1.

(via The A.V. Club)


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