WATCH: Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim are Dancing to Kanye and Having Lots of Fun in Italy

Don't blame them for wanting to be free.

Sure, you may have been to Italy on an exchange trip and stayed out all night in Rome with a head full of Sambuca. You may have sunned yourself on the Adriatic coast on your honeymoon, or stuffed yourself into Juventus Stadium to cheer on La Vecchia Signora. Hell, you may have won the gold medal in downhill at the Torino Olympics, but you still didn’t have as good a time in Italy as Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim are having right now.

The season finale of Ansari’s Netflix show, Master of None, finds him decamping to Italy, presumably to learn how to press his existential sorrow through a pasta maker. Ansari apparently took some time to “refill his head” after season one aired, and now that he and Wareheim (who appears in Master of None as Ansari’s pal Arnold) have reunited, it seems like they’re doing their best to refill their stomachs—again and again and again.

Today, the pair dropped an amateur video for Kanye West’s “Famous,” the Life of Pablo track that begins with Kanye musing on whether or not he will someday have sex with Taylor Swift. Like Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and James Franco and Seth Rogen’s “Bound 2” videos before it, Aziz and Eric’s take deflates Kanye’s self-importance—though here it’s done by inflating their stomachs with pretty much every culinary delight Italy has to offer. Given that it was the late afternoon in Rome when this video dropped, it’s probably safe to assume that Aziz and Eric are somewhere out there eating cacio e pepe and gelato and feeling Kanye’s dope beats as we speak.

For all the Italian waiters that serve them best, I feel like Aziz and Eric are overfed. Why? Y’all made them dudes dinner.


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