PREMIERE: Used Cassettes Export American Garage from Seoul

The expat quartet drops Rock n Rills on Friday, but you can stream the whole thing today.

When you think of Korea—and particularly of Korean music—the first thing you think of is probably western ex-pats playing rock and roll, right? And yet, despite their apparent inability to execute a choreographed dance, the Seoul-based Canadian, American, and South African quartet Used Cassettes have taken their adopted country by storm. They’re the first foreign act to ever sign to a major Korean label, their singles have cracked the country’s radio charts, and they gig all over the place. Oh, and they once made an appearance in a comic book.

All of which should complicate our understanding of Korean popular culture. Because the dirtbag rock of their new LP, Rock n Rills, is about as far from “Gangnam Style” as can be. In fact, there’s something quite American to their rough beach jangle, a dedication to loudness and endorphin-gushing hooks and swagger that you can see is beginning to wear thin. It’s not dissimilar from how exhausted The Strokes sounded by rock and roll by the time they got around to recording Is This It, and it’s what makes Rock n Rills compelling beyond the scuzziness of its riffs. It’s our pleasure to stream the album in its entirety today ahead of its Friday release. You can check it out below.

Rock n Rills track list

“At Barcelona”Used_Cassettes-2016-Rock_N_Rills-Cover
“Sergio Leone”
“She Got Burned”
“Pat Walsh is Here”
“Whip of the Master”
“Ghost Stories”
“I’m Insane”
“Rock n Rill”

Rock n Rills is out Friday, May 6, on Magic Strawberry Sound.


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