We’re Giving Away Fresh-Pressed “Vinyl” from Beach House, Martin Courtney, Holy Ghost!, and MOORS at Pitchfork Fest

Made from recycled plates and cut on demand!

If you happen to be at Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend and care about sustainability and free swag, you’ll probably want swing by the Clif Bar & Company tent. FLOOD has partnered with Clif GreenNotes to whip up a rad selection of 7” singles from some of excellent, eco-conscious artists. The “vinyl” is made from upcycled plastic plates, and they’ll be cut before your very eyes with tracks from Beach House, Martin Courtney, Holy Ghost!, and MOORS.

GreenNotes pulls together artists, non-profits, and fans to work toward reducing carbon footprints, water waste, and CO2 emissions. As Pitchfork Fest’s Sustainability Partner, Clif GreenNotes has made this year’s festival one of the most environmentally sound to date. Be sure to come out to support the cause and pick up your own recycled single!


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