LISTEN: Zack de la Rocha Returns (with El-P!) for “Digging for Windows”

The long-awaited solo LP from the Rage Against the Machine frontman should be here very soon.

Rage Against the Machine first broke up in 2000, and since then Zack de la Rocha has repeatedly been attached to rumors of a solo release, all of which have never come to fruition. He’s appeared on a number of tracks since then—and there was also the One Day as a Lion project, which featured de la Rocha and former Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore—but still, no stand-alone release.

Thanks to El-P of Run the Jewels, however, the rumors are now becoming reality, and the as-yet-untitled album is promised be out in 2017 (at least according to El-P himself, who is said to be the producer on the LP). Today, the El-P–produced track “Digging for Windows” arrived (via BitTorrent, no less), and with it, a fresh wave of the hype that’s been kicking around since de la Rocha blew the (ahem) windows off in 2014 on the RTJ2 track “Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck).”

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