WATCH: Stephen Colbert and America are Ready for Dewitos

"You were right, stoners: Frito-Lay can hear your thoughts."

Over the years, Stephen Colbert has performed his civic duties as a patriot by shoving the truthiness of the world down the throats of Real America night after night on The Colbert Report. He’s given worthy people the “Colbert Bump,” fought major companies like Amazon, and helped America “Better Know a District,” four nights a week. On Monday, Colbert took time out of his thirty-minute program to talk about the real issues that Americans want to discuss: food and drink hybrids.

It is time for us all to welcome Dewitos, Pepsico’s Mountain Dew/Dorito hybrid drink into the world’s refrigerator. Yes, you heard correctly, it is a brand new flavor of Mountain Dew that is supposed to taste like nacho cheese Doritos. While I’m sure everyone is incredibly excited, I doubt many of us can find the right words to express our happiness. Thankfully Colbert was ready with an eloquent response: “Finally an answer to the question ‘What if my Doritos were wet and caffeinated?'”

Watch Colbert dig deep into the world of Dewitos (which have been said to taste like “orange with a nacho cheese aftertaste”) below.


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