WATCH: The “Broad City” Gals Show Us How to Survive This Year’s Holiday Parties a fairly NSFW video.

With December finally here, the holiday season is in full-swing. That means that instead of spending your coveted, lazy weekends to yourself, you’ll likely be primping, stressing, and dreading those “festive” holiday parties (groan).

But fear not! Our brilliant Broad City friends Abbi and Ilana—who whet our appetites with their between-season-webisodes—have provided us with an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make the most out of those awkward get-togethers. The duo reveals the secret behind gifting the host(ess), how to avoid dull conversation and unwanted advances, as well as a handful of helpful tips to keep those holiday parties from turning into a total snore. What would we ever do without these two?

As if you’ve forgotten, Broad City returns to Comedy Central on January 14 and you can rewatch the season two trailer for the upteenth time here.


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