LISTEN: Sleater-Kinney Premieres New Track “Surface Envy” in Reddit AMA

The trio's first new album in nearly a decade due out January 20 on Sub Pop.

Between the twentieth anniversary box set Start Together, the announcement of a new LP No Cities to Love, and details of an upcoming world tour, it’s been a good year for Sleater-Kinney fans. But if that’s not enough for you (what more do you want from them?!), the band also recently took to Reddit for an open forum Q & A session known as “Ask Me Anything.” Or in this case, rather, “Ask Us Anything.”

The gang answered all sorts of strange and wonderful questions, revealing essential insight into the reunion (“It felt like we still had a story to tell”), how “setlist guru” Janet Weiss works her magic (“I think about them in the shower”), and just like Keanu Reeves in his AMA, a fair share of insight into dietary preferences. Most importantly, however, they also premiered a banging new single from the album, “Surface Envy.”

You can hear that track below, and read the full AMA here.

No Cities To Love is via Sub Pop on January 20, 2015.


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