Karen O and Danger Mouse Got a Thing Going On

It's called Lux Prima, and it comes out in March.

Karen O and Danger Mouse  have formally introduced the second salvo from their new project. 

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman has teamed up with the Gnarls Barkley, etc. producer for a collaborative album, known simply as Lux Prima.

The duo shared a new song from the forthcoming effort, the snappy ’60s soul power track, “Woman.” Listen to it below.

“‘Woman’ came like a bolt out of the blue when we were in the studio,” Karen O revealed in a press statement. “We did a first pass where I was blurting unintelligible words and Danger Mouse and I were like, ‘Dang! That was intense. What’s that word I keep saying? Woman.’ The atmosphere was volatile with it being just after the election. A lot of people felt helpless like you do when you’re a scared kid looking for assurance that everything is gonna be alright. I like to write songs that anyone can relate to but this one felt especially for the inner child in me that needed the bullies out there to know you don’t fuck with me.  I’m a woman now and I’ll protect that inner girl in me from hell and high water.”

The full Lux Prima album is due for release on March 15 via BMG. FL


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